Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy

Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy

The WolVol Transport Truck is a fun add-on to any child’s car collection. Perfect idea where to put your Hot wheels or Matchbox cars. Carry them all in one big truck. A great gift idea for boys ages 3 and up.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Provides a four year old with hours of fun…

Published 2 days ago by Yobo-yah

Truck in the picture make it look so much bigger,We were very disappointed! This was a birthday gift, it looked very cheap, I was embarrassed to give just the truck,so we ran out… Read more

Published 4 days ago by Diane

Flimsy and not good quality. The cars inside the truck were better than the big diesel

Published 8 days ago by Zachary R Brackin

My son have this truck in our house which is given by my best friend. He plays this together with his father and I really touch my heart because they build a good bonding together.

Published 14 days ago by Julie

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