SmartLab Toys Girls Only! Secret Message Lab

  • New for 2015!!
  • Girls Only! Secret Message Lab keeps secrets safe with invisible ink and teaches the science behind the mystery!
  • This kit contains everything young girls need to know to create codes and write secret messages
  • Contains enough materials for two girls to share and protect messages
  • For ages 8 and up

This science kit contains everything to create codes and write secret messages. Discover the science behind using acids and bases to make invisible ink, reveal mysterious messages using colored filters and light waves, learn to write in secret codes, and much more!

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Ok product. More for the 9-10 year old. Would be hard for an 8 year old without some help

Published 1 month ago by Linny

This was a hit with my daughters! They enjoyed playing with it and particularly enjoyed the glow in the dark writing utensil. Read more

Published 5 months ago by Teresa G.

I bought this for my granddaughter as a gift and she seems to enjoy it.

Published 6 months ago by Alice M. Stokes

It is perfect for sending your friends secret messages.

Published 7 months ago by lorac


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