Simply Addictive Games CoMotion New Edition Family Board Game

CoMOTION – Amazon Exclusive New Edition. “We had 32 adults playing this game for nearly 5 hours. Everyone wanted to know where we purchased CoMOTION. You won’t be disappointed!” – Customer Review ~~~~~~~ CoMOTION is the new generation of charades. Race against the clock and your opponents, in this fast and furious game of Team charades. Players throw the dice, pick a card and act out a word or phrase. Sound too simple? Here is the catch: you may be going head-to-head with all of your opposing teams, acting out different words all at the same time! The quicker your team guesses, the greater your chances to win. A fun, interactive game that is a great icebreaker for any gathering.

Most Recent Customer Reviews

I grabbed this for my 10 year old daughter and I enjoyed it more than her.
The box is solid.
Great color and graphics.
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Published 16 days ago by handy dad

We tried to play this game as a family and spent 30 minutes trying to figure out how to play, but gave up because it was too complicated to figure out how to even start playing.

Published 19 days ago by Michelle B.

this game is way too complicated for childern

Published 2 months ago by Bekki Davis

Fun game, but pretty challenging. Played with some friends and some challenges seemed too hard. But it was fun! Read more

Published 2 months ago by PS

fun family game!

I received this product at a discount for my honest review.

Published 2 months ago by Lindsey Tharp

Fun game. Would love pictures to help younger players.

Published 3 months ago by Beth P.


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