Seafari Under The Sea Childrens’ Board Game

Seafari Under The Sea Childrens’ Board Game It’s A Game To Remember! Race To Find The Missing Pieces! An Under The Sea Adventure Each player is on an exciting journey Under The Sea to discover 6 hidden puzzle pieces. Dive into the ocean safari adventure and grab the Treasure Chest.. Fire the Cannon.. Clean the Shark’s Teeth, or Hide in the Snail Logs… All scenes from the Ocean Adventure Seafari!!

Top Customer Reviews

Our children enjoy card and board games so when we saw this on the shelf of a local retailer, we purchased it to play as a family. Our children are 6, 5, and 4 and the game is recommended for ages 3+ with 2-4 players, so with one parent being the four year old’s “partner”, this seemed a great game to play together as a family. This was not the first board game experience for our children and we play many different games like this as a family regularly, so this is not a case of just having a bunch of kids that don’t like games.

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