Rotten Apples Board Game

Rotten Apples


  • Includes 520 cards (455 Answer Cards and 65 Prompt cards) and instruction booklet!
  • Players each choose green cards they think best fit the prompt. Cards with dual suggestive meanings will surprise all!
  • Apples Picker selects their favorite “answer.” If you card is picked you win the round and become the next Apple Picker!

Rotten Apples is the hilarious (and often tasteless) adult party game where a wicked sense of humor is greatly rewarded Combine green answer cards and brown prompt cards to complete phrases that are funny. . . irreverent…provocative! Get your friends talking with these fun topics and discover how rotten they really are. Rotten Apples. Slightly Rotten, totally fun!

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Had a lot of fun playing this with some friends! Really is adult version of apples to apples!

Published 1 month ago by Dustina Guillot

Super fun game. Just like the kids game Apples to apples but with an adult entertainment twist. My friends love to play this. Age 25 to 32.

Published 2 months ago by Emma

This game is so fun! A lot like Cards Against Humanity, without all those awkward, cringe-worthy moments of “did this go too far”?

Published 3 months ago by John


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