Nasty THINGS… Game

Nasty Things


  • Everyone writes a response-whatever you want-there’s no right or wrong here, though there may be some judgment
  • Read one of the gross, dirty, offensive, sexy, outrageous, whacked, HILARIOUS topics
  • Read the responses aloud (maybe take a deep breath first, to prepare yourself)
  • Try to guess which of your crazy friends said what!
  • For groups of immoral people age 18+

Most Recent Customer Reviews

Reminds of me of a game my brother and his friends made up years ago. It’s not has edgy as I was hoping for, but if you have a good imagination you can turn things around 😉

Published 7 days ago by BETTY W.

this game is a blast, we always play with a big group of people and some adult beverages and you never know what people will write down.

Published 15 days ago by zoey12

Really fun game. First time playing it. It leaves a lot of room for variables so that it is never the same game. 🙂 Good for drunken parties.

Published 19 days ago by CornfedHippo

This game is fun with your adult friends. The rules are simple and everyone gets a great laugh. One difficult part was repeating the answers over and over again. Read more

Published 1 month ago by Melanie

If you like Cards against Humanity, this one is for you too!!!

Published 1 month ago by Laura Ryan


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