KitchenAid KSM8990NP Commercial Series NSF Certified Stand Mixer

KitchenAid KSM8990NP Commercial Series NSF Certified Stand   Mixer, 8-Quart, Nickel Pearl

Includes stainless steel spiral dough hook, flat beater & elliptical 11-wire whip, heavy duty metal control knobs, polished stainless steel bowl

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By Sebas on March 13, 2015

I purchased it when I got fed up by the Hamilton Beach 63227 that I’ve had for about 1 year. I was always eyeballing a KitchenAid, but when I found the Hamilton for just 60 bucks new I pulled the trigger. It was not a bad mixer, but it was never powerful enough, and regretted my decision every time I was using it. Well, time came to get a meat grinder attachment (the stainless SmokehouseChef one) and what a better opportunity to change my mixer? So I searched and researched and stumbled upon this commercial KitchenAid. What a great find!

This mixer is similar in size to the Professional 600 that we also considered. It is almost 17” tall, so it fits perfectly under the cabinet (and it looks fantastic too, orange cord included – tucked away in the back). And because it doesn’t tilt, I can keep it in one position and never move it (the Hamilton – a tilt head model – we needed to take out every time as we couldn’t tilt it under the cabinet). Also, the 8qt bowl is big (or at least that’s my impression after switching from a 4.5qt one), but it is mostly tall. It is so tall in fact that there are issues adding ingredients – when we use this bowl we always have to lower it to add ingredients.

on August 18, 2016
I have had this mixer for a while now and have enjoyed using it. It’s a bit big for what I need it for, but I just double my recipes then freeze or store the rest to eat later. I haven’t had any issues out of the mixer and am glad I spent the extra money to get something that will last for quiet a while. This is a great mixer to use if plan on making large recipes and/or want something to holdup in the long run.
on July 19, 2016
Excellent machine
on March 9, 2016
I live in Mexico and dont really care for the bread. I have been baking 3 times a week for Friends and neigbours since I bought this. My Old one was not big enough to make large batches and always over heated if I tried to make 2 or 3 batches a day. Love this bigger machine!



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