ION CARD GAME – 2 to 10 players!

ION CARD GAME – 2 to 10 players! For kids, children, teens, adults, families, boys or girls.


  • ION is a full action card game that is easy to learn and provides lots of fun with a great replay value.
  • Match dots to play, play action cards to ruin other players’ game and be the first to run out of cards.
  • A card game for all ages and genders where you never know what’s coming next. Big laughs and huge frustration as players go from hero to zero in the winners stakes.
  • The game where you can play action cards to the previous player, block actions from other players or shift actions to other players. It can really go crazy!
  • 2-player card game and up to 10 players! Play a fast game or choose the tournament mode where you score points in each round.


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