Buyword – board game for the family


BuyWord is a game of words with a twist. You pay good hard cash to buy your letters, then form a word to sell at a profit, if you can. Your payoff depends on the quantity and the quality of the letters in your word. BuyWord mixes basic mathematics, money management, and good old-fashioned word-building in a simple, yet elegant blend that keeps every player involved in every turn until the very end.

  • For 1-4 players
  • For ages 8 years and up
  • Mixes basic mathematics, money management, and good old-fashioned word-building.’

Verified Purchase

we’ve gotten into strategy and word games in the last few years – probably have bought 15 in that time. Some are duds that we’ll never play again, but this one is fun, easy to learn/play and educational.


Verified Purchase

This is my favorite word game. It is scrabble-esque without having the stupid space limitations of putting your word down, while adding an economic element.



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